GHOST The Musical – 5 years since the Broadway run

 In West End


GHOST  The Musical started its run at the Lunt Fontanne Theatre, New York 5 years ago. It has since played a US national tour as well as touring Asia and Australia

“It’s rare for me to experience wonder but my friend Paul Kieve gave me that experience for an illusion he created in Ghost”  Illusionist David Copperfield on ‘twitter’

‘The true stars of “Ghost Musical” are illusionist Paul Kieve along with projection designer Jon Driscoll …who have put together a visual spectacle on Broadway unprecedented in its technical artistry.     Jonathan Mandell, The Faster Times

As a technical achievement, “Ghost The Musical” raises the bar to new heights. In addition to Rob Howell, credited as designer, there’s a video and projection designer, Jon Driscoll, as well as illusionist Paul Kieve who are the real stars. Recreating the movie magic, they’ve come up with some truly awesome visuals. …Dazzling special effects.   NY1

It’s the slickest, most visually appealing musical since the one about a spider dude. It all comes together – computers, dancers, projections and illusions by Paul Kieve – thrillingly in two subway scenes … Those sequences are eye-poppingly brilliant. Overall, it’s an ambitious, carefully orchestrated work that raises the bar on technological innovation.    Huffington

What people are most likely to remember from the show are its magical illusions, created by Paul Kieve. Watching Sam walking through what had been previously established as a solid door is one of those “how did they do that moments”   Theatre Mania

Special effects are genuinely stunning. The audience gasps at the scenes when Sam slips through a door, engages in a spectral subway battle and makes his way up a stairway to heaven.   Time Out, New York

Paul Kieve became the first illusionist to win a New York  ‘Drama Desk’ Award in 57 years for his work.

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