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Paul has worked as a consultant producer on a number of television programmes including for Channel 4 “Soloman the Escape Artist”, Derren Brown Trick Of The Mind (series consultant) and Derren Brown’s Séance.

He was also the main consultant on Magic Carnival created by Chatsworth T.V. /Open Media.

He worked with Geoffrey Durham as a consultant on his TV pilot “Little Miracles” in 1993 which was the first “street” magic show ever made – .

He worked on two “Children In Need” productions for the BBC most notably in 2003 supervising and training Simon Cowell, Nicky Chapman and Pete Waterman so that Simon could be sawn in half on live TV.

Sawing Simon Cowell in half

Sawing Simon Cowell in half

Paul contributed to David Copperfield’s “Special Forces” TV special filmed in 1994.

Paul was a consultant and frequent contributor to the landmark 6 part BBC series “History Of Magic” transmitted in 2004. He has created a website for Sci Fi Channel to promote the mini-series “Legend of Earthsea”.

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